Ball Mill Circuit Modeling

Streamline™ is the breakthrough ball mill modeling and optimization application that uses Functional Performance Analysis to carry out circuit performance improvements.

The application uses plant survey data to construct a ball mill size reduction model represented by real-world cumulative grinding rates through all size classes. Cyclone separation performance is characterized using size-by-size recoveries to underflow. This easy to construct, two-unit circuit model perfectly replicates the circuit survey size distributions and mass flows. Pump and cyclone performances can then be adjusted using the provided step-by-step procedure to maximize Classification System Efficiency (CSE), the optimization metric.

Streamline™ is easy to understand and use, it is fully supported by tutorial videos, live technical support, and five related training modules from the Metcom Grinding Process Management System:

  • Module 5 – Functional Performance of Ball Milling
  • Módulo 7- Rendimiento del Hidrociclon
  • Módulo 8 - Ajustes del Hidrociclon
  • Módulo 9 - Bombeo de Pulpa
  • Módulo 18 - Evaluación del Circuito de Clasificación

Streamline™ follows Metcom’s core philosophy of empowering metallurgists with only the best resources to help them perform their jobs. Unlike past programs, it is based on proven fundamentals. Streamline provides metallurgists with a valuable analysis tool to make circuit modifications and realize substantial performance gains.

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