Certification is not required, but it is highly recommended. It is how learning is verified.

Upon the completion of each module, learners complete a certification test. It covers the exact materials and duplicate types of exercises to those covered in the module. Once again, the work is self-paced. There are no “trick” questions, and it is open book. So learners who have completed the exercises in the module will excel on these tests. These tests are submitted to Metcom for checking, and successful learning is thus verified.

Learners who complete the entire 22 module program on The Metcom Grinding Process Management System will receive a Certificate of Completion from the Engineering Institute of Canada, and 6.4 Continuing Education Units (one for each 10 hours of study). These CEU’s meet the standard set by the International Association of Continuing Education and Training, by whom the Engineering Institute of Canada is recognized.

C.E.U.’s are not limited to engineering personnel. They will be issued along with a Certificate of Completion from The Engineering Institute of Canada to any successful program participant, anywhere in the world.

A Certificate of Completion and Continuing Education Units can also be provided with all Special Topic Programs, Partial Programs (please see an Example Plant Curriculum of Study) and On-Site Workshops. One C.E.U. (or fractions thereof) is provided for each 10 hours of study.