Who we are

Metcom is the world leader in training and knowledge transfer in mineral grinding circuits. Our comprehensive online training program is proven to deliver significant improvements in grinding performance and reduced operational costs.

Our mission

Metcom’s core philosophy is based on empowerment. We deliver the required hands-on skills to those working with mineral grinding circuits so they can achieve world-class performance from their operations.

Our expertise

Covers all aspects of improving the processing performance of plant grinding and classification circuits. Our systematic approach features Functional Performance Analysis of Ball Milling. This breakthrough technology developed by Metcom has been implemented at numerous operations across the planet.

Watch a video presentation on the Functional Performance of Ball Milling

*Engineering Institute of Canada Certified Training

Metcom’s specialized training program is certified by the EIC and is available ONLINE! It includes all the steps of the Metcom Grinding Process Management System.

Robert E. McIvor
Metcom Founder and Chief Metallurgist

“I really began to understand how the variables in closed-circuit grinding interact for the first time. A program that takes what I know to be a very complex process and makes it easy to understand, and provides tools for optimization, is to my mind a brilliant piece of work. Now, all our people involved in grinding in any way do this training.”

Head of Mineral Processing Development,
Major Canadian Metal Company