Metcom is the world leader in training and knowledge transfer in mineral grinding circuits. Our comprehensive online training program is proven to deliver significant improvements in grinding performance and reduced operational costs.

Covers all aspects of improving the processing performance of plant grinding and classification circuits. Our systematic approach features Functional Performance Analysis of Ball Milling. This breakthrough technology developed by Metcom has been implemented at numerous operations across the planet.

Watch a video presentation on the
Functional Performance of Ball Milling

We know that getting approval for training can sometimes be challenging. To help you in presenting a compelling business case to your manager, we have prepared a template.

This business case highlights how your employer will get a significant return on their investment by sponsoring your training.

Simply download the template document, fill in the blanks and email to your manager.

*Engineering Institute of Canada
Certified Training

*Metcom’s specialized training program is certified by the EIC and is available ONLINE! It includes all the steps of the Metcom Grinding Process Management System.

Demystify the Grinding Process!

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